Leadership Discovery - an outbound program!

The last one month has been hectic with a lot of travel for work, i call this as my “never mind” days, hectic yet enjoyable.

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We were embarking on a new journey in our Leadership training and coaching segment – The Leadership Discovery workshop. Leadership Discovery is an exciting leadership development program designed for emerging leaders and middle managers.


What is it all about?


Leadership Discovery is all about Leadership. It is all about you as leader. It is also about your organization and how you align with your organizations mission, vision and values. It is also about how leaders perceive you and your understanding about leadership.


We worked on a few simple yet fundamentals of good leadership like :

·       Leadership Behaviour

·       Aligning yourself with  Business Goals

·       Leadership values

·       Sensitivity

·       Team Bonding

·       Communication


Leadership Behaviour: We do interact with a lot of senior leaders (15+ years of work experience, Sr.Managers, VPs),  to our  surprise only a few of them have a clear understanding about Leadership Behaviour. Most of them are followers of a ‘’system’’ . In our Leadership Discovery workshops, we discuss on the topic – what is Leadership?


In our understanding, Leadership is a behaviour, there is no good leadership or bad leadership, but there is good leadership behaviour, which is nothing but aligning to the organization’s  mission. Subsequent to our workshop, people gain a lot of clarity on their strengths as a leader and their potential areas to improve as a leader.


Aligning yourself with  Business Goals : We stress on the importance of ALIGNING , all the time in all our workshops. What is alignment, it is your ability to align your behaviour to leadership behaviour of the organization. Example, if your organization’s behaviour is aligned to FUN AT WORK, it is important to align your behaviour to FUN AT WORK


Leadership Values : We strongly believe Leadership is driven by values. What are values ? Values here mean what’s your business believes  in, what’s close to business’s  heart. For example, Core value of Apple is ‘’Think Different’’ or ‘’Crazy People’’ or ‘’ Change world ‘’  or ‘’ Not a product but a life statement ‘’. Each organization has core values, it is important for the leadership team to drive those values and percolate those values to grass root levels.


Sensitivity : Many leaders lack this skill, but all look for this skill. Being sensitive means your ability to understand other person’s feeling and your ability treat them nice.  In one of the organizations I worked for,  had issued a pink slip to one of the employees, and the person was asked to leave the organization on the same day . This is insensitive in a business world. Sensitive Leaders will know the pulse of their employees, what excites them and what drives them and people feel they are ‘’cared’’ by their leaders.


Team Bonding : A bit clichéd, but we all know – Together we win . Leaders are aware of importance of great teams yet due to business pressure, changing environments building a team won’t be a priority for leaders.


Communication: In the recently concluded Leadership Discovery Workshop , we had an interesting activity where in leader is shown a picture by the facilitator, and he is expected to explain the details to the members, with no obvious clues, example if the picture is of a ladder - leader can say a long rectangle . And team members are expected to draw - what's on the mind of the leader. They can ask questions to the leader. It was really surprising to know only one or two could really draw the picture which was close to the original one.  Sometimes our communication process is very complicated – what we say, what other person understands and the reality might be three different things. Good leaders must learn the art of effective communication.

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Sireesha Sannidhi - Team Lead, Cisco said...

i learnt more about myself in the leadership discovery program. i feel myself fortunate to be part of all the sessions. One who attends this program can learn so much and get inspired from others. one of the activities which i liked the most was "Story telling". This has created a strong bonding between all the participants.
On 05-10-2016 At 10:03:03

Anand Umarania said...

this workshop leads to learn the strengths in oneself. the person becomes more confident and expressive in terms of views and opinions. the personality changes both personally and professionally.
On 12-10-2016 At 09:03:37

Amit Ratnani Associate Solution Architec said...

I learn't more about my self, with regards to my weak points. The major part of this training was bonding between the team members & most interesting part was communications, story telling & Meditation. This has changed my life professionally & personally both up to major extant.
On 12-10-2016 At 09:05:29

Chandrashekhar Mahadik said...

Very good experience. Training has boosted my self confidence a lot. Aligning yourself with Business Goals activity I liked more.
On 12-10-2016 At 09:16:15

Munsi Mustaque Mahammad - MANAGER.TECHNI said...

My key learning from the Leadership Program: Keep Negative thoughts, negative energy away by always believing that the best outcome is to come from any situation. Never think about a future negative situation, instead keep the best possible outcome in mind so that the nature help you to get it. Words do a lot of damage in our body and soul. Choose words careful before they are out of your mouth.Conflict are bound to happen but keeping yourself in the other person’s shoes really help in avoiding conflict. Effective communication is very very important. To improve your communication skills, you need to talk a lot in a common language like English. My team is my biggest asset as a professional. If team fails, I fail.
On 29-10-2016 At 12:53:29

TM Satya Ashok Mamidi said...

It is a wonderful opportunity to attend the Story Telling workshop of CCL. Great to learn how the simple things of oneself can be expressed to connect with the audience and build great Relations/Teams. Great Trainers, wonderful MC, Excellent Organisation & Good blend of Creativity. My rating is 5Stars.
On 03-02-2017 At 14:58:02