Planning for an offsite event - you must remember

An Offsite event – things to remember?


What are the locations on your mind?

Hongkong? Bali ? Malasia? Colombo ? Goa? Or outskirts Mumbai, Bangalore?

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There are a few important things you must keep in mind before finalizing an Offsite event

1.    Purpose – what’s the purpose of the offsite ? Is it just for fun or just gathering or some other bigger purpose. It is very important to understand the purpose . Being in the training industry for a while and have the experience of  organizing many events , I have seen people with clarity of purpose getting the most desired output from the offsite events.


2.     What’s the outcome you want? – If you head a large organization and you are aware people work hard, really hard – and you want to give them their rewards – it is good to choose a place where they can relax, add spa packages so they can relax and rejuvenate . Or , if it is a quarterly outing , it is fine to take them for an adventure activity where people can mix up and gel well and have some fun.

3.    Group Size – This is the most important consideration before deciding the offsite venue . What’s the group size - 10 people, 20 people, 40 people , 100 people -  If it is a small group say less than 20 people, this is mostly for a team where people work for a common objective – sales team, IT team – in this kind of outing it is ideal to have good fun, and plus Leadership and Team Bonding training and setting expectations for the coming quarter or the year ahead. If the group size is 50-100 , this is usually a group of departments or divisions joining hands for an event. What is ideal for these kind of groups are : generic team building activities, motivational seminars 45-60 minutes duration. Thumb rule is smaller the group highly intensive programs can be planned. Larger the group ideal to organize fun and team building events.

4.    Agenda : The most ignored part of the outbound event. We have been a doing a lot of outbound programs in the past few  months  - we learned- if people are travelling  to the venue and  time invested is more than 2 hours – make sure they get adequate rest before starting any learning program. Let them relax , Let them use the swimming pool – use the spa – have a few beers.

5.    Dont have jam packed session – if you are planning for 2 nights stay in a resort – make sure on Day 1 have a 120 minutes ice breaker and expectation gathering session and nothing so ‘’heavy’’.  Day 2 – start by 9:30 and end by 1pm and give them break from 1pm to 4pm so that they can use the swimming pool, spa or some good time to sleep. Session can start from 4:30 can continue till 8:00pm.

6.    Must to have Relaxation and Meditation session : Based on our experience in conducting Outbound sessions we believe that  adding a meditation session or a relaxation session will have a tremendous effect on the outbound program. It slows down people. It calms down . Wandering mind will be paused for while and people feel fresh and rejuvenated instantly.

7.    Facilities – The facilities you need from the resort will be depended on the type of people attending the event.

a.     Freshers or Juniors – usually one day outing – open large space needed.

b.    Middle level managers – two days outing – comfortable stay, food, swimming pool , alcoholic beverages

c.      Senior Level Leaders - two days outing – luxurious stay, food, swimming pool , alcoholic beverages, spa etc

8.    Space – Last but not the least . Make sure the resort or place  you are booking have adequate space for activities, moving around etc. This is very important . A cramped place can affect the quality of the offsite events.



Overall, when you invest in an offsite, you might want people to relax and rejuvenate so that they come back with a fresh mind and achieve the goals, hence make sure you take care of the basics .

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