Soft Skills for next gen Corporate leaders!

Soft Skills for next gen Corporate leaders!

1) Listen to be a leader!

If there is one distinct attribute that separates good communicators from great communicators is the craft of listening. Internationally acclaimed communication experts have not just mastered the skill of vocalizing their thoughts but also the skill to listen. Quite often we relate power and confidence to the loudest voice in the crowd but Successful leaders see that as a myth.

These leaders understand that communication is a coin with 2 faces. One face is articulation and the other is listening. Listening here means, not just paying attention to words but also to body language and emotions. To be a great listener,1.Have an open mind.Only an open mind can be receive different  ideas and opinions.
2.Practice taking notes .3.Show compassion and empathy to the speaker.

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2) Communicating to build relationships

The ability to communicate well is essential soft skill for  forming and developing relationships. An  underrated aspect of communication is the ability to create and develop relationships. The receptivity of the same set of words spoken varies between family, friends & colleagues. Relationships in this context does not just refer to the exchange of affection or love but also the exchange of ideas effectively with your employees and colleagues. Great leaders and leadership coaches communicate effectively to build a positive and productive work culture.

Tips to build a positive relationship:
1.Being courteous to others
2.Express confidence 
3.Support statements with facts and figures

3. Body Language 

Body language played a predominant role even before words were born. During, CCL’s communication and public speaking training programs we empathize and conduct various activites to improve Body Language. Studies conducted state that 93 percent of the communication happens non-verbally. For example, a dog can express his feelings to us without using words. No wonder how the phrase "puppy-eyes/puppy face" came into existence, after all we evolved from primate. Important Body Language tips are  :Maintain eye contact . 2.Project confidence with body postures 
3.Avoid distracting gestures such as crossed arms or lowered chin 
4.Face is the index of the mind. Ensure your facial expressions are in par with the message being communicated.

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4. Negotiating

The word negotiation is often related to sales.We negotiate with family,friends,colleagues and clients. Most successful leaders are highly skilled negotiators – they remain fair and considerate. Successful leaders always aim for a win-win deal.

Tip to be a great negotiator: 
1.Be a keen listener.
2.Never stop with a single solution - give them options. 
3. Demonstrate team playing by offering help

5. Delivering a bad news

Delivering a bad news is an important Soft Skill. Nobody likes to share a bad news but we all know that we need to be the bearer of bad news at times in our lives, in corporate life too. A good leader or a great manager knows it is a part of their job, it is a responsibility too.
As a leader, while giving a bad news ,ensure it is dealt with sensitivity, it is honest and message is given with highest possible clarity. Also, it is advisable to have a dialogue than a monologue while delivering a bad news. 

6 . How to say NO?

How to say NO ? I have been asked this question many times. It is easy to say NO,  but it is not easy to say NO in the right manner. As leaders we should know , how to say NO  in the right manner. Understanding and studying this  soft skill – Saying NO – can boost our career. 
While saying No, Empathize with people and let them know you understand them, their situation and most importantly -  explain your reasoning for saying no. It is important to end the conversation in a positive note. Say No – politely, with reason and end on a positive note.

7. Connection an important soft skill!

The better connection you establish between employees and colleagues –the better is the work environment. Cordial relationships between people are a must for corporate success. It improves productivity. 

As far as possible call people by their names. It is an important SOFT SKILL. Show interest in people’s life – ask them about their goals, dreams, life experiences . Appreciate people when you see or hear good contributions. Appreciation works all the time.

8. Dealing with difficult employees

This is a leadership challenge. This is not just a soft skill but a very important leadership skill. The behaviour of difficult employees can jeopardize and damage work environment.  When there is a bad behaviour ensure – it is communicated immediately, without any delay. Ensure it is documented - if it is affecting the environment or people. Ensure there is a feedback given to the employee and a follow up mechanism is  followed.

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9 . Art of  Delegating

Delegation is an art. Delegation doesn’t mean just downloading work, it has a purpose, it has  a process and it has something to learn. Delegation is a very important leadership skill. Delegation will be successful if the work efforts are appreciated and employees are motivated  at frequent intervals. 

Tips :

Great leaders are masters of delegation. They delegate with purpose and with an intention to groom next generation leaders. During the process of delegation ensure, there is a dialogue between people involved , this will reduce miscommunication. 



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