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This blog empower Individuals with a powerful script, extracted from their personal experiences , brilliantly packaged to cater to international audience expectations.

This template comes handy for those who are planning to deliver their TEDx speeches, Motivational Seminars,  Corporate Presentation,  Storytelling or  Speeches at Toastmaster International Competitions.

1) Summarize your speech in 1 word   . YES! Just a word.
2)   What could be a phrase or a tag line for your speech?

3) What could be the last few lines of your speech? What do you want the audience to do          while listening to the last few lines?

4) Summarize the whole speech in a paragraph , 8-10 sentences 

5)   Name the Central Character or the Hero? Name all the Characters.

6) What is the hero trying to achieve? Who is the villain? And what are the problems the villain is creating?

7) Why is he trying to achieve that? What are the conflicts? Conflicts are important for a compelling story. Story Telling is an important ingredient in Public Speaking

8) What are the props you will be using to enhance the message?

9) How would you deliver to capture the audience attention all the time?

Once you have some answers for all the questions, it is a good place to start, if you dont have an answer for most of the questions, Ask yourself again and again.

Let’s get started !

Opening  : 
You may disclose your central message in the opening or can give an idea about the message or you can disclose at a later stage.
Think Creatively, What could be an attention grabbing opening?
Remember, the first impression is the best impression and could be a lasting impression too. 

Body :

How do you transition smoothly from the Opening to the Body? Use Similar Words and Thought Process you used in the opening of the speech, very important. However, you can be creative too.
Introduce the main characters, introduce the hero - GLORIFY HIM OR VILIFY HIM. Examples: World class drummer lost his hand, Drug addict ever since he was a college student, born without hands and legs, singer who lost his voice....
Twist it or Conflicts: Get the audience hooked here, make them feel the grind the hero is going through, prolong it meaningfully. A straight story is always boring. Audience needs to be engaged .Bring twist and turns
Bring a solution, if available or share the lesson learned from the incident.

Important Notes :
Be clear with the central message 
Be clear with the purpose of the speech
Add dialogues to enhance the message.
Add stories, anecdotes, metaphors, analogies 

Closing : 
Slow down a bit, give a sense to the audience that you  are about to wrap up.
Bring the audience back to the central message, reiterate.
Call to action, or a request or a demand in a polite manner 
And an attention grabbing closing.
Tie back the opening or the central message of the speech.

Notes :

1) Ask yourself, if you were listening to this speech, what are your recommendations for yourself? 

Notes :

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  1. Use Metaphor Magic in your speeches : What is a metaphor ?   It is a bridge between a new idea and something which audience knows already. It is about relation building, it is about connections. '' HE IS THE SHAKESPEARE OF THIS GROUP''  is good metaphor and we all know that no one can really be a Shakespeare but this metaphor will give enough information about HE and what we can expect from HIM. Metaphors can influence people instantly.

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  1. Analogies  :  In simple words analogies are comparisons. HE SPEAKS LIKE SHAKESPEARE . Analogies are usually from or with in the same environment . An example would be, if you are going to give a technical presentation about a new concept and you are convinced that audience members may not pick it up in the first instance and you look around and you say - Like English is the most commonly used language in this room, Java is the most commonly use language in many technology platforms. 

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  1. Anecdote : An anecdote is an interesting incident happened in your life or someone else's life or an event you picked from a book or a movie.  This is not necessary a story but an event.  How did you meet a celeb? This could be an anecdote. How did you manage to get a ticket for a movie?   Adding anecdotes are best way to open a speech as it offers a very unique and fresh story to the ears of the audience.  Dig deep and find more anecdotes for your speech.
Usage of Right Phrases 

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